Saturday, 3 March 2012

Online: SB.TV

Over the past eighteen months SB.TV has become one of the biggest platforms for the music industry and the general public to discover new talent. The website and their famous YouTube channel showcase artists both signed and unsigned, performing original music or cover versions. SB.TV began as an urban music brand and that remains its speciality, but they've also featured talent from many other genres including pop and indie.

SB.TV videos always get at least a few thousand views and can reach huge numbers very quickly if they "go viral," which sometimes happens even when the artist is unknown. The site is not just visited by music fans but also frequented by many people within the music industry, including talent scouts, so getting featured on SB.TV is a great way to reach new fans and useful contacts at the same time.

Click here to apply to be on SB.TV.

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